Fresh, Honest Dog Food

We deliver boxes of fresh, cooked to order dog food to homes across the UK.

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How Butternut Box Works

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You tell us about your dog so we can create a box to suit them.

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We lovingly prepare the meals by hand here in the UK.

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We deliver fresh in refrigerated boxes so you never have to wait around for delivery.

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Serve, Happy Dance Guaranteed. If your dog doesn't love it, we will eat it!

*Butternut Box is a flexible, no commitment, weekly subscription service that you can cancel, pause or skip at anytime.

Our Ingredients

Why Butternut Box?

Fresh meals every time
Produced in the UK with human grade ingredients
No mystery meats or preservatives
Great for sensitive stomachs and fussy eaters
All of our meals are tested on humans
Don't just take our word for it.

Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists.

"I recommend Butternut Box to our patients looking for a trustworthy, balanced and healthy dog food brand. My dog Betty loves it too!"

"As a dog trainer and behaviourist with a strong interest in health and nutrition I can recommend Butternut Box food for all dogs. It’s incredible quality in terms of ingredients and variety."

"I have had amazing feedback from my clients, noticing improvements in coats, general behaviour and stress levels. It has gone down great with fussy eaters and sensitive stomachs too."

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Our Plans

Butternut Box Weekly Plans

What we stand for

We recognise that not all dogs are as lucky as the Butternut Box Dogs

This is why we have committed to giving away a free Butternut Box meal to homeless and sheltered dogs across the UK for every new dog we have on board with us.

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