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The Butternut Box Story

From Rudie and the Team

Why we do what we do

Our Story

Butternut Box was inspired by the health issues of our rescue dog, Rudie. She was itchy, nervous and smelly (hence the name Rudie ☺). Nothing seemed to make a difference. Our vet suggested her diet could be to blame and after switching her to home cooked food we were astounded by the change in her condition. You can read more about her story and how Butternut Box was born here.

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Here’s what matters most to us:

  • Making great dog food.
  • Creating a community of dog lovers.
  • Giving back to dogs in need.
  • Building trust and speaking our minds.
  • Surrounding ourselves with positive people.
  • Having fun.

Most of all we want to see and hear from you and your dog:

The Butternut Box Team