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What's On The Menu

We Want You to Feel Good about What You Are Feeding Your Dogs.

What's Inside

The Menu

Here at Butternut Box we are all pet parents and want you to feel good about what you are feeding your dog. Below are our honesty points because we’re all about being fresh, real and transparent.

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A complete pet food for dogs made with 60% minced beef. A grain free recipe containing human grade ingredients gently cooked into a delicious meal your pooch will love. Made in the UK.

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Turkey aea9751f57df753cdc50eea2b1671288eb3a29a41c15ca223587ba5805a564f2


A complete pet food for dogs containing 60% minced turkey thigh. As always, grain and meat meal free. Made in the UK with human grade ingredients.

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A complete pet food for dogs made with 60% chicken (thighs and liver). Grain free, with human quality ingredients every time. Made in the UK.

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Our Honesty Points

1. Fresh is best

We truly believe it is impossible to beat home cooking where you have total control over every ingredient. Our fresh meals give you the peace of mind of a home cooked meal combined with the knowledge that our animal nutritionists have made sure the food contains everything your pooch needs to thrive.

2. No mystery meats

We have worked tirelessly to develop our recipes and we ensure that every meal that leaves our sight is wag-worthy, fresh and made with love. There are no mystery meats, no preservatives, no by-products, no fillers and no hidden fine print. It's essential to us that the Butternut Box community can read and understand our labels at first look.

3. Tested on humans

Here at Butternut Box we know what we stand for and that is the well-being of your dog. We stand by all of our meals and test them first on ourselves. Others may say “human grade” but very few will eat what they preach.

4. Because there’s nothing else out there

We are doing this because there is nothing already out there that we would feed our dogs. Canned pet food we think of as a TV dinner – easy to serve but lacking in any kind of love or wow-factor. As for traditional dry kibble? Imagine eating a box of dry crackers for every meal of every day. Two words; dry and boring.